Thursday, November 15, 2007

October 25, 2007

Before I left the YWCA the day before, I asked them what I could by for the orphanage to help. So we started the day at Nakumatt shopping. The shopping list they gave me consisted of soccer balls, books, olive oil, rice, salt, pepper, tea, sugar, flour, Blue Band (a brand of margarine), beans, maxi pads, aspirin, cooking oil, honey, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washing soap and body soap. Consequently, this shopping made us late to the Likoni YWCA.

We arrived at the Y to find the security gates closed and several armed guards in the courtyard. We learned that 2007 is a presidential election year, and Margaret had to meet with some political officials. After waiting about 30 minutes of waiting, Margaret took us to another YWCA site – the Africa Brotherhood Church in Lunga Lunga, a 3 hour drive from Mombasa.

We arrived and were introduced to two pastors (whose names I have now forgotten) and the congregation, few who spoke English, and a couple Muslims who were part of church projects. The main projects involved digging wells, because Lunga Lunga is a farming community but the area is quite dry. We didn’t spend much time in Lunga Lunga due to the long drive, which resulted in another very long day.

All three of my travel mates are Houstonians, and the hotel had Tex-Mex night for dinner. Hilarity ensued.

* Looking for a Michael Vick jersey? There’s plenty to buy in Kenya!
* The Daily Show airs weekly on CNN International
* The 3 hour drive to Lunga Lunga was all on paved roads. I would learn to appreciate this later.
* We passed by several children in the streets on way there. That is because children are generally let out of school for lunch for 1 ½ to 2 hours.
* Also, like Spain and their siestas, most Kenyan stores are closed in the afternoon for lunch and afternoon call to prayer (for Muslims).
* I happened to notice when we went around the circle introducing ourselves in Lunga Lunga, those who came with babies and small children didn’t introduce their children.
* Support The Water Project


Mama E, Margaret and Emily in Lunga Lunga

Mama E, Margaret, Emily and the people of Lunga Lunga.

Lunga Lunga

Mama E in Lunga Lunga

That’s Jennifer’s camera on the table. She didn’t make it to Lunga Lunga, so I filmed and shot.

The Pastor and Mama E in Lunga Lunga

The ABC pastor is in the bottom right corner.

The Africa Brotherhood Church

Outside the Africa Brotherhood Church

The Lunga Lunga countryside

The Lunga Lunga Countryside

A Water collection tank in Lunga Lunga

The Water Tank

Mama E signs the guestbook in Lunga Lunga

Mama E signs the guestbook

Signing the guestbook in Lunga Lunga

I follow.

Lunga Lunga - not my best shot

Another ABC pastor on my left

Child inside the ABC

Inside the ABC sanctuary

Inside the ABC sanctuary

The sign

Pastor & Me

Outside ABC

Check out the camera

The woman in this photo was engrossed with my camera. I promised I’d put her photo in my blog.

In Likoni

Back in Likoni

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