Tuesday, November 13, 2007

October 21, 2007

My flight path to Kenya: Seattle ->Amsterdam -> Nairobi -> Mombasa.
The first and longest leg of the trip was nice; Northwest Airlines finally decided to add on-demand movies and radio for its economy class passengers. I watched 1408, You Kill Me and Evan Almighty. Unfortunately, I had a terrible flight to Nairobi. It was nine hours long, and was the wall-facing no leg room seat. That seat is much worse than the no-recline one in the last row. The final leg of my flight, Nairobi to Mombasa, was just 45 minutes long. I was greeted in Mombasa by Said (sah-YEED), the driver who would take care of my group for the remainder of our stay in Mombasa. I left Seattle at 1:00 pm the 21st, and arrived in Mombasa at 11:30 pm the 22nd.


* I’m glad I had enough cash on me – I didn’t know the visa price to enter Kenya was $50 USD

* Why do American airlines force parents to shell out $200+ for seats for babies? On the final two legs of my trip, the airlines had harnesses that belted the baby to the parent’s seatbelt. They were free and made of the same material as the airplane seatbelts.

* FYI – my travel companions (who I met up with in Mombasa) are close family friends Jennifer and her mother Mama E, and Mama E’s friend BJ.

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