Wednesday, January 16, 2008

… And What You Can Do To Help

These are the charities I visited on my trip. Please go to your bank to wire money to help. As little as $20 will go a long way. Thanks!!

The Likoni AIDS Orphanage
Contact: Rev. Ernest Omeva (Director)
Likoni AIDS Orphanage
PO Box 96333
Mombasa, Kenya

Email: laop_2001 at yahoo dot com

Mobile: 254 – 722694619

Bank Account: Barclays Bank of Kenya
PO Box 90184
Mombasa, Kenya

Swift Code Barckeny
For the credit of Laop Anzameo
Sponsorship Africa
A/C No. 16-8339658 Digo Road

Likoni YWCA
I will add this information as soon as I get it

Enlightened Support Group
Equity Bank
The Account name is Enlightened Support Group
Account number 0460191704375
Swiftcode EQBLKENA
The signatories are, Chairlady-Emma Rodgers, Secretary-Leah Kusah Anzani and Treasurer-Jackline Ananda.

They find it easier and safer to collect money through Western Union. Pay to: Leah Kusah Anzani

Friends Church
Community of Matuga Self Reliant Christians
PO Box 96583
Mombasa, Kenya
Bank Account: Likoni Friends Church-Galana Project
A/C No. 1101147600, Bank of India Mombasa Branch

The Water Project

No money? Do this for free.

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Esther said...

Our experience in L.A.O.P.:

We are to Spanish guys who went to Likoni (Kenya) to spend three months in an orphanage with kids who where spouse to be orphans…
We need to tell everything we felt there, because we consider if we don’t make other people knowing, it would not be worth it…

The orphanage is called LAOP. First to say is that the kids are wonderful and really need help but we found a lot of inconveniences trying to help them… The pastor who runes the house is a business man, and makes money out of the kids…Whit this we mean he makes “white people” how goes there, think he is a man of God and he loves the children but…the truth is quite different…We gave him a lot of money and he didn´t spend it on the kids!!!! He manages him self to get some food from the charity, some clothes…and that is how the kids survive while he has more money than he says…

We really wanted to help those kids and hope you can find the way to do it, but we need to tell the truth of what is going on in that house.

Thank you very much for your time
Luis and Esther.